Substitute tolls and administrative penalties

Anyone who does not pay their tolls correctly is liable to administrative penalties, ranging between 300 and 3,000 EUR. You’ll be on the safe side if you

  • pay the toll correctly.
  • pay subsequent toll fees correctly.
  • pay substitute toll fees correctly and on time.

The amount due for a substitute toll fee is determined by the reason for the complaint. Here are some examples

  • 240 EUR for late or incorrect provision of evidence pertaining to the EURO emission class;
  • 240 EUR for incorrect toll payment (e.g. not enough Pre-Pay credit, toll payments not debited due to GO-Box being incorrectly installed);
  • 120 EUR for partial toll payment (too few axles specified; discrepancies relating to the vehicle’s EURO emission class);
  • 120 EUR for discrepancies between the vehicle license plate or GO-Box and the data stored in the system (Vehicle Declaration).

Please pay the substitute toll immediately if verbally requested to do so by a toll enforcement officer. For written requests, payment must be made no later than 4 weeks following the date of issue. When making the payment, please ensure that you provide the correct identification number. You can find this information on the issued substitute toll document. By paying the substitute toll fully and on time, you avoid the possibility of a legal notice being issued.