GO points of sale

Our sales partners – Your contacts

GO points of sale: Our partners are there for you

In the GO toll system, they play a key role: GO points of sale!

GO points of sale are our sales partners and your contacts.

You can recognise our GO points of sale by these symbols:

Your services at a GO point of sale

You will receive your GO-Box from the GO points of sale. You can also use the following services there:

Split GO-Boxes

We provide you with Split GO-Boxes at selected GO points of sale.

Premium points of sale

Even more service

With the premium points of sale, we make our service even more attractive: friendly, competent, uncomplicated and fast.

Particularly worth highlighting: Verification documents for the rate-relevant characteristics (EURO emission class, drive type) are sent by the staff at the premium point of sale directly to ASFINAG upon request.