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Mount the GO-Box

Here's how to fit the GO-Box correctly

Only a correctly fitted GO-Box can communicate with the toll gantries without interference. Please fit the GO-Box correctly to avoid substitute toll claims.

  • Use the holder/self-adhesive Velcro strips (enclosed in the original packaging).
  • Point the control button towards the inside of the vehicle.
  • Position the GO-Box
    • between the centre of the vehicle and the centre of the steering wheel,
    • at least 10 cm above the windscreen wiper in its rest position, and
    • at least 30 cm below the top edge of the windscreen.
  • Keep the installation area within a radius of 10 cm free of objects (name plates, sun visors ...).
  • The installation area must not be located in the tint strip.

Common mistakes

  • Name plates are attached to the windscreen and hinder communication between the GO-Box and the toll gantry.
  • Windscreen wipers overlap the GO-Box when not in use and obstruct communication between the GO-Box and the toll gantry.
  • The GO-Box is located on the dashboard. The GO-Box and toll gantry cannot communicate with each other, no transaction takes place.