Replace or return the GO-Box


Please replace your GO-Box promptly

GO-Boxes have a limited service life and must be replaced before they expire. Replacement is free of charge.

If the service life of your GO-Box is coming to an end, you will hear two short acoustic signals when passing underneath toll gantries. Visit a GO point of sale to exchange the GO-Box.

There is a five-year warranty on the full functional capability of the GO-Box from the date of issue. ASFINAG will remedy functional faults that occur within this period by replacing the GO-Boxes.

A faulty GO-Box can also be replaced while in use, i.e. before the five-year period expires. The GO-Box will automatically be recalled two months before the expiry of the validity period. In such instances, the GO-Box will beep twice, the so-called “service beep”, when driving under a toll gantry.

If the indicator lights no longer work, the battery in the GO-Box is empty. The battery cannot be replaced separately. Replace the GO-Box for a new one free of charge at a GO point of sale. Old on-board units are returned to ASFINAG and will be recycled.

Your GO-Box will beep twice, the so-called “service beep”, when it is time for you to visit a GO point of sale. When visiting the GO point of sale, you will find out that the GO-Box needs to be replaced.

We will also inform you by email (if you have provided us with a valid email address) and in our SelfCare Portal when your GO-Box needs to be replaced.

Of course. When replacing the GO-Box, the existing Pre-Pay balance will be transferred from the old GO-Box to the new one.

No. The system automatically detects when a GO-Box needs to be replaced.

No. If you replace the GO-Box during its term of validity, you will not be charged another processing fee.

  • Check that the data printed on the receipt are correct. If the data are not correct, please inform the GO point of sale immediately.
  • Install the GO-Box correctly.
  • Set the correct number of axles.

Pre-Pay credits are valid for only two years from the respective top-up date. After that, they cannot be used to pay tolls. Toll credits expire five years after the date of last top-up (i.e. three years after the expiry of the validity period), unless another toll credit is topped-up or the GO-Box is returned within this period. The total credit available on the GO-Box (old credit plus newly topped-up toll credit) will become valid again with a new top-up within this period.


Do you no longer require your GO-Box?

You have a lease agreement with ASFINAG. We therefore request that you return your GO-Box to us if you no longer require it. Please visit a GO point of sale or return the device to us by post:

ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
Rosenbach 130
9183 Rosenbach

Ensure that your GO-Box is locked to avoid any unwanted transactions. To lock your GO-Box, please contact the ASFINAG Service Center and provide your PAN (Personal Account Number) when requested. You can find this information on the Vehicle Declaration and on any receipts obtained at a GO point of sale.