Interoperability with Switzerland

The emotach on-board unit (formerly TRIPON) allows you to pay tolls in both Switzerland and Austria. To do so, you must first be registered for the Austrian toll system.

Here’s how you register your emotach On-Board Unit

Register your emotach via the SelfCare Portal or by using this registration form.

If required, you can provide evidence of your vehicle’s EURO emission class by sending us your vehicle’s registration certificate and – if necessary – the CoP, CEMT and/or CoC documents.

Important information for vehicle owners with a British vehicle’s registration: In addition to your vehicle registration you ought to send us the Reduced Pollution Certificate (RPC) and the Low Emissions Certificate (LEC) provided by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

You can send the documents to us using any other following methods:

  • E-mail: euroclass@asfinag.at
  • Upload to the SelfCare Portal
  • Fax: +43 50 108-912 913
  • Post:
    ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
    ASFINAG Service Center / EURO-Emissionsklassen
    Alpenstraße 99
    5020 Salzburg

Further steps

  • We will send you your vehicle declaration by e-mail. Please check if the information is correct.
  • You will receive a chip card from the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung, EZV). Insert this card into the emotach unit.
  • Read the instructions for using the emotach unit and information on the beeps used in Austria.
  • Let us know about changes to your emotach contract using the change form.
  • Ensure that your vehicle declaration is with you in the vehicle at all times!

Have a safe trip!