Interoperability with Scandinavia

One on-board unit, four countries: the EasyGo+ service

The toll consortium EasyGo has been able to implement a one-contract interoperablity solution for vehicles over 3.5 tons MPW. The EasyGo+ service means you can use a single on-board unit to pay tolls in Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. You just need to register your vehicle with one toll service provider and you will then receive your unlocked on-board unit, ready for use.


If you’re interested in the EasyGo+ service, please contact BroBizz A/S, the toll service provider in Denmark:

BroBizz A/S

Business Customer Services

Phone: +45 7020 7049

E-mail: easygo+@brobizz.dk oder easygoplus@brobizz.dk

Website: www.brobizz.com

You will find further useful information on the new EasyGo+ service at EasyGo’s website www.easygo.com.