Interoperability with Scandinavia

With only one on-board unit through four countries: the EasyGo+ service

With EasyGo+, the EasyGo toll consortium has succeeded in developing a one-contract interoperability solution for motor vehicles over 3.5 t MPW. With the EasyGo+ service, your vehicles can pay tolls in Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway with just one on-board unit. To do this, you must register your vehicles for the EasyGo+ service with a toll service provider and then receive the activated on-board unit.


If you are interested in the EasyGo+ service, please contact BroBizz A/S in Denmark:

BroBizz A/S

Business Customer Services

Phone: +45 7020 7049

E-Mail: easygo+@brobizz.dk or easygoplus@brobizz.dk

Website: www.brobizz.com

For more useful information about the EasyGo+ service, please visit www.easygo.com.